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The workshop will now be held on 23 April 2022 and further details and booking forms will be available in due course.

This event will raise funds to assist the group in its work to provide a forum for mutual support, lobbying, and co-operation on events.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic our performance of Mahler’s mighty 8th Symphony, the “Symphony of a Thousand”, scheduled for July 11th 2020 has had to be cancelled. It will now be held on 16 July 2022.

Further details of the Big Sing can be found here.  As the Symphony is written for double chorus throughout Adrian would like to hold an extra Workshop as herewith. This will be a combination of two tutti rehearsals, separate Choir 1 and Choir 2 rehearsals and also separate Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass rehearsals.

The Symphony is written for double chorus throughout and uses 6 soloists and a large orchestra. Choral singers are divided into normal S1/S2, A1/A2, T1/T2 and B1/B2 groupings.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a major choral work which is seldom performed by non-audition choirs. All who take part in this Workshop will be offered places in the July 2022 performance.